Richard’s Gardening Gallery

Richard Cooke, our Ed’s Operator in South East London, has very kindly showcased his excellent work by sending some great photos into the Ed’s Office. Richard has been running his Ed’s business for nearly five years and has loved having the opportunity to work his magic in a range of gardens.

This is what Richard has to say about his life with Ed’s:-

” I love being an Ed’s Operator. I’m a really high-energy, outdoorsy person and love a challenge. Before Ed’s I did a variety of interesting jobs, but I always got itchy feet and felt that I had far too much energy for what I was doing. I’m at my best when I am on the move and solving problems! I love the sense of achievement when something is a bit messy and difficult and I can look at the end result and see the difference I’ve made. I love the variety of the gardens I get to make a difference in, from small to large and new to old and established ones. I also really enjoy the customer interaction aspect of my work and almost five years in, I still get a big thrill from feedback from delighted customers. It sounds a bit of a cliché but I feel really privileged to be able to run a business that suits my personality so well. My wife and I have recently welcomed a baby son and my wife jokes that I take almost as many photos of my ‘before and after’ gardens as I do of the baby!”

Here are some of the finished articles…


Paul is on the Ball

Here at Ed’s Garden Maintenance, we are delighted to announce that we can now service customers in the Thurrock area. Paul Wellington has recently joined Ed’s to set up his garden maintenance business in the Thurrock area. Paul knows the turf (excuse the pun!) very well already, having previously been a black cab driver in the area.

Paul is now fully operational and is delivering a full range of Gardening Services including Hedge Trimming, Grass Cutting, Lawn Turfing, Pressure Washing and Garden Tidy Ups.

Paul is rearing to go with his new business. Here is what he has to say about embarking on his new venture:-

“I have a lot of customer service experience from working as a cabbie and I know how important it is to go the extra mile to make your customers really happy. For me this is all about delivering excellent garden services and building a strong reputation in the community.

I’ve spent time learning the ropes with other Ed’s Operators and the training I have had has been second to none. I feel very well prepared to take on the challenges of running an efficient business.

Prompt, reliable and efficient is our mantra and it is at the core of our business. It is a bonus that I really love the outdoors and am thrilled to be behind a lawn mower rather than a steering wheel.”

Please get in touch if you think Paul can help you with your garden maintenance needs.

It’s not just the grass that is growing, Ed’s is too!

The Ed’s Garden Maintenance team has recently grown to 42 garden maintenance Operators.  This increase in geographical coverage helps us to make our customer service even better.


Ed's Garden Maintenance welcomes their new Gardener Operators

(From left to right) Neil Miller, is providing  gardening services in Rustington, Haydn Jones, is providing  garden services in Southbourne and John Spencer is our man to go to for Maidenhead garden services. They all joined Ed’s over the last few months and have now finished their induction training and are rearing to get on with the gardening season ahead.

Pete Henchey offers Gardening Services in Sutton Coalfield

Pete Henchey has recently joined our team to provide gardening services in Sutton Coldfield.  Pete is available to help with all your  lawn mowing, hedge cutting, garden tidy ups, turfing and jet washing needs.

Dave Laing's Gardening Services in Andover

Dave Laing has is now fully operational and is delivering Gardening Maintenance Services in Andover. He is available for hedge trimming, grass cutting, lawn turfing and pressure washing.

Neil Collis with Warren Emsden, two of Ed's Gardeners

And last, but not least, Warren Emsden (on the right above with Neil Collis) has joined us to run his Ed’s Garden Maintenance Business in Petts Wood. Neil Collis runs his Garden Maintenance Service in Sevenoaks.

We wish all of our Operators all the very best with their new businesses.


Jet Washing the streets of Rustington

Providing Jet Washing Services to Rustington

I have now been running my own business for nearly six months and I don’t know where the time has grown. Despite the winter months, I have really enjoyed being outside helping prepare their gardens, either for the coming Spring or to tidy up their gardens prior to placing their property on the market for sale.

I have already met many nice people and received some very complementary reviews.

The ethos of Ed’s Garden Maintenance is providing a prompt, reliable and efficient service and I am always looking at ways to improve the services that I deliver by investing in the latest equipment and ongoing training.

Having already completed a Power Pole Pruning Course, obtained my award in the Safe Use of Pesticides and attended a Fruit Tree Pruning Course, I am looking for the next course that complements the regular internal training that we all receive.

I am not sure how many people enjoy the thought of jet washing their patio or driveway, not only do you lose your weekend but end up soaked and covered in dirt. This is a service that I offer, but have to admit, the thought of jet washing a large driveway made my heart sink until NOW!

I am now the proud owner of a Flat Surface Jet Washing Machine that not only means no more hunching, but it also keeps the dirt on the floor, meaning that I stay clean and there is minimal mess to the customers property when cleaning that driveway or patio. Bring on those large driveways that I used to fear!

Jet Washing in Rustington with Ed's Garden Maintenance

I have now cleaned the driveways of three of my immediate neighbours with a fourth booked in. I have also cleaned 40 years of dirt from my father-in-laws drive. Of those jobs completed, the finished results have been excellent with a lot of positive comments. There are a number of examples available to see.

So, as we move into spring, I feel well prepared to cope with meeting new people and of course those long hot summer days being outside.

Spring Fever – Lawn Mowing in Stripes!

Spring has most definitely sprung at Ed’s Garden Maintenance and nothing is more evident than with freshly cut lawns.

Karl Husher, our Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator in Sidcup, has already started to get into his “striping stride” this month with his expertise in lawn mowing.

Karl is delighted to be out mowing the lawns again after the cold winter months. He loves nothing more than seeing the finished article look like this.

Spring has come and mowing stripes on a lawn in Sidcup is part of Ed's Garden Maintenance Lawn Mowing Services

Garden Tidy Up Before Spring

It maybe sunny but cold and crisp now but the sun will so be warming. So give your garden a tidy up before spring. Mark an Ed’s Operator covering Bournemouth will get your garden ship shape ready for the spring.

A tired overgrown garden in need of attention.

Mark soon got to work with this clients garden in Bournemouth using his skills and enthusiasm to transform this neglected back garden. This three level terraced garden had not been touched for over a year and needed a good cutting back to get it under control again. The individual shrubs had merged into one forming very untidy hedge row. Mark had all the tools he needed and got to work pruning back the individual shrubs. This provided each of them the space and light they desperately needed.


So do you need a garden tidy up, or is your fence damaged or your patio/deck dirty, then give Mark a call. He covers all areas of Bournemouth and will come and provide you with an estimate. A few hours of work by him will have your garden ready to enjoy. Mark’s skills don’t stop there though, he is also able to provide on-going care to your garden throughout the season. Services can be made flexible to meet customers requirements and range from Lawn Mowing/Cutting, Lawn Repairs, Hedge Trimming/Cutting, Hedge Reduction.

A very Merry Christmas from Ed’s!

2016 has been a great year for us. We have had 7 new franchisees join us, which means we now have 40 garden maintenance franchises in our team. This consolidates our position as the UK’s largest garden maintenance franchise business and, most importantly, means that we are growing ever better at meeting our customers’ needs.

We’d like to wish you all the very best for 2017 and look forward to a brand new year of delivering excellent gardening services.

Kevin’s Garden Transformation

Kevin, who works as one of Ed’s Garden Maintenance Gardener Operators in Raynes Park, has been sprinkling some magic dust on one of his client’s gardens.

Kevin’s skills in tidying gardens and transforming them into elegant and stunning gardens are extraordinary. Recently, he has been working alongside a client to help provide the client’s front garden a make over.

Kevin's Garden Tidy Up Service in Raynes Park

Before Kevin started, the front garden was a small front lawn that was left to grow a little wildly in front of this residential house in Raynes Park. However, after he turned his attention, his enthusiasm and energy, Kevin soon turned it completely around.

Now, the unkempt lawn was now an extremely smart little circle surrounded by a very smart cobbled stone pathway. This allowed the client to have a smarter and a cleaner path to their front door.

Kevin also converted the edges of the garden into an elegant and sophisticated border. This meant that the client was able to maintain his front garden in a much more efficient manor and also a garden that he could be now proud off.


Our Garden Tidy Up Service Operators do not just offer a clearance service but they are able to come and re-discover the true potential of your garden. Their skills, knowledge and expert advice are there to help you own the garden that you always worked towards and wanted.

This garden transformation has made another happy customer!

Anita’s Garden Clearance prepares for Winter

Anita and her team of professional Gardeners have been busy with their Garden Clearance Services recently, delighting their customers in the Wimbledon area with their gardening prowess.

They have been clearing garden beds and building some very smart stone borders, getting the garden ready for winter and for next season as well. A particular request at this time of year as many of our customers are asking for our help in preparing their gardens for winter.


Winter is a golden opportunity to take the time to take stock of the year’s success and failures and to get on with planning for the next year. It also provides the best time for commence work on any construction or adding any features to your garden, so that, by the start of Spring, your garden will be ready for the first plants.

Our Gardeners will take the time to repair any damages to your wooden fences before the damp and cold weather hits home.


Autumn is also the perfect time to look after your Garden furnishings, gardening tools and the general upkeep of your garden. Ed’s Garden Maintenance’s Garden Clearance Services offer the best opportunity to help you and your garden.

Before the winter sets in, and after a wet or cold autumn, our Jet Washing Service can help clear away any damp moss residue off of walls, pathways, driveways, gates and stairs. Performing this simple service will make sure that your garden is safe from slippery surfaces when wet or frozen.

Clearing Up Gardens After Builders in Raynes Park

Garden Clearance before and after Builders in Raynes Park

During the last few weeks, Ed’s Garden Maintenance Gardener, Kevin Gallacher, has been helping his clients in Raynes Park with Garden Clearance.

Recently, the clients have had a lot of building work done to their house and, unfortunately, left their garden in a sorry state. Our Gardener, Kevin Gallacher, was called in to help rebuild their garden to its former glory. During this time, we needed to remove several bags of building waste before we even began work on the rest of the garden.

A Client's Garden ruined after Builders have been in Raynes Park

Kevin had to rake up the ground and remove all unwanted debris from the leftover sandpit. Afterwards, Kevin re-seeded the whole lawn, taking care to advise the client that they had to keep watering the lawn for the next two weeks. After two weeks, you can see the lawn start to return back to the way it should be.

New lawn after re-seeding by our Gardening expert Kevin Gallacher

As with all newly re-seeded or re-turfed lawns when lawn mowing, the next step was to make sure that the grass was long enough to cut. This is because the first lawn mow should begin when the grass leaves reach a height of 3 to 3 and half inches. Once this was the case, then we had to mow a third off the leaf blade in order to make sure that the grass roots had penetrated down into the soil or it would weaken the lawn in the future.

Our clients were delighted to see that the grass was soon growing back to its original self and looking fresh in the summer light.

Freshly re-turfed lawn in Raynes Park by Ed's Garden Maintenance Gardener, Kevin Gallacher